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Our Most Popular Services

Complete Home Inspection 

From the roof to the foundation, to the window to the wall.

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Most people hire a home inspector every 20 years, when they buy a home, and when they sell. Save your home from deferred maintenance! 

ADU or Short Term Rental

County inspection requirements for Vacation and ADU

Form PJR-119 Inspection.JPG

Form PJR-119 is an inspection checklist required to be completed by a qualified professional for BnB's. Additionally, the Health and Safety Zoning Self-Assessment form for ADU's are required to be completed for eligibility. We can help!

Multifamily or Multiplex Inspection

A complete home inspection of all systems of your building.

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We are well versed in the investment property space. Depending on the size of the building, there are additional fire codes and access regulations to be considered!

Roof Inspection  Roof Certification

For insurance purposes or workmanship issues, we can inspect your roof and report the condition

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Its Always a good idea to have a newly installed roof inspected! You've spent hard earned money on the most important protection system of your home. Dont rely on city inspectors, make sure it was done right and water tight.

What Are The Benefits Of A Professional Home Inspection?

Odyssey Home Inspection will equip you with a full detailed home inspection for your property, highlighting recommendations or defects like a much-needed roof replacement, water intrusion issues, and even workmanship or material concerns in structures and systems. Investing money ahead of time for a professional home inspection is a documented snapshot of the condition of the building.

Have the knowledge about a home ahead of time.
  • Getting your home inspected ensures a smooth transaction with no surprises or hang-ups.

  • Same day reporting ensures you'll have plenty of prep time before listing. No waiting for a report!

  • If you have a short contingency period, we will accommodate.

  • Don't be fooled by itemizations and estimates, we have one flat rate of $490.05 that covers the full home inspection!


Scheduling a home inspection is quickly accomplished by following our three easy steps.

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Complete Home


Pricing:    $490.05

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Let us help you navigate the elements of your home today!

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