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About Us

A Drivers License doesn't make you a good driver, and a certification is not what makes a good Home Inspector! Tyler started out in the field of property management maintaining over 270 single family homes, multifamily, and condominiums in the East Bay Area. After inspecting, maintaining, and managing, as well as serving as a Commercial Facilities Manager for four commercial medical facilities in Sonoma County, he saw an injustice in the industry. A shortage of general contractors and skilled labor in the area competent to keep up with demand; and findings through his experiences and client projects was enough supporting evidence to see the need for an inspection service that exceeds the status quo. This is why Odyssey Home Inspection is more qualified than 90% of the competition in the North Bay Area and Sacramento to perform your home inspection. Odyssey Home Inspection is here to provide Visibility, Disclosure, and Compliance. We continue to  Serve Sonoma County, Sacramento County, and San Francisco County to providing quality home inspection services. Let us help you navigate the elements of your property or home today!

NACHI CPI #20091533

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