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San Francisco

Certified Home Inspectors

Visibility. Disclosure. Compliance.

The Bay Area and Sacramento Choice for Comprehensive Home and Commercial Property Inspections.


Complete Home Property & Commercial Property Inspection

At Odyssey Home Inspection, we aim to empower you with a profound understanding of your property. We believe in clarity, transparency, and following strict standards - the fundamental cornerstones expected from seasoned certified home inspectors. Why have we surpassed 90 percent of our peers in San Francisco Bay?

It's not solely our certifications, the logo we created, or a clever marketing ploy. Distinctively, our team of certified home inspectors boast hands-on careers and practical know-how intricately woven into the fabric of craftsmanship, construction methods, and the scientific foundation of residential structures. With our unwavering ethics, our inspectors are entrusted with the duty to deliver nothing short of the most exceptional and precise evaluation throughout the San Francisco Bay and the Greater Sacramento regions.

We utilize cutting-edge inspection reporting software to present your assessment with unwavering clarity and user-friendliness. Rest assured, we will deliver your report promptly to eliminate the hassle of long wait times. We include images, details, and recommendations in our meticulously crafted reports, giving you confidence that you’re hiring a trustworthy company proudly serving the Bay area.

Contact our certified home inspectors to get answers to your questions. We can also refer you to our trusted contractors to complete any required work. We want you to feel confident in your home inspection cost. If you’re unhappy with our home guard inspection in San Francisco, CA, we’ll refund you.

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Certified Home Inspectors

Our home inspection services include a meticulous assessment of every facet of each system of your residence. Whether you're purchasing a new property or preparing your home for sale, our team adheres to rigorous standards established by our accrediting body. Your home inspection cost is a flat rate, giving you peace of mind.

Years of Expertise

Benefit from over a decade's industry experience as we navigate your home inspection. We stay on top of the latest building codes in San Francisco, CA. You can trust our certified home inspectors to give you a straight answer without exaggeration.

5 Star Rating

Our home inspectors have evaluated numerous architectural styles throughout Sn Franciso and Sacramento, CA. We believe that every client deserves top-notch service, and it shows in our reviews. We customize our inspection services based on your unique needs.

Swift Turnaround

Experience the convenience of receiving your comprehensive home inspection report before we leave your property inspection. This rapid delivery is ideal for brief contingency periods. Thanks to our team of qualified inspectors, we're at your service even on short notice.

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Home Inspection Services


Comprehensive Home Appraisals

Our home inspection services check every aspect of your home, from top to bottom. Whether you’re looking at a new home to buy or need to list your current home, you can trust our experienced team to provide an unbiased report of the property’s condition, all at an affordable home inspection cost.

Multi-Family Residence Assessment

Our expertise extends to duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes. We charge just $100 for each extra unit on the property, providing a separate inspection report for each apartment, including a unique report for common areas and the roof.

Thorough Roof Scrutiny

Our roof inspections go beyond the surface, including an attic assessment to detect potential leaks. After our inspection, you won’t have to worry about buying a new roof before your home is ready for one. We’ll tell you the precise condition of your roof without bias.

Solar Investment Evaluation

If you’re considering going green with solar energy, let our home inspection team check your roof, attic, and electrical systems. We’ll let you know if a solar investment is a wise choice for your home.

Condominium Inspections

Condominiums require a special eye. We go above and beyond the typical home inspector scope for these inspections. In most cases, the HOA is responsible for the roof and exterior. We do not overlook these items even if they're not your responsibility, you'd want to be informed. 

Commercial Inspections

Commercial inspections are bid respectively at your request. Commonly a commercial inspection includes additional fire planning and life safety audits in addition to the inspection of the building envelope.


Professionals that Trust In Our Inspections

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Certified General Home

Our Flat Rate
Only $490.05

NACHI CPI #20091533


We Promise Quality. Always.

Tyler is a treasure. He was prompt, professional, pleasant and very thorough. I had the inspection report the same day and he took the time to go through each finding and explain each item with a great depth of knowledge and care. Would highly recommend him.  
Jacqueline Aijala
Home Owner
Tyler was my home inspector and he was amazing. He found issues with the property that made a huge difference in the purchasing process. He is honest and knowledgeable and his prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend this company.
stephanie weissman
Home Owner
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